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Storm in a Teacup or a Perfect Storm

Storm in a Teacup or a Perfect Storm

I have always been fascinated by storms.

Raw power in its natural glory. The blazing lighting, the glorious thunder and the anticipation of torrential wind and rain. Bring in the word perfect and ‘Perfect Storm’ conjures up the scene of all the key ingredients coming together for that glorious moment where the skies light up.

No wonder they draw a fan club of storm chasers.

How does it relate to brand & marketing? Find that cue or trigger that kick-starts your creative juices and brings together all your key ingredients. For me it is the drive to influence others by finding the combination of words that evoke passion and creativity, stir up the fire in our belly and gets us firing all pistons.

The combination of words and creation of stories are what keep the world going round. They capture the attention of consumers and allow us to start engaging with them. Put your thoughts and stories in blogs, publications, proposals, books, or project them in conversations, videos, presentations or simply when networking. If you are passionate, they are bound to resonate and sooner rather than later, you will be gathering your tribe and ideal prospects.

Intent, dreams, and purpose are only half the equation. Follow through with action and you will see impact and results. Create that Perfect Storm or simply start brewing a storm in a teacup.

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Photo credit – Micah Tindell on Unsplash

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