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Find Your Form – Become a Master of Your Trade

Find Your Form – Have you ever been in a situation where you finish watching a movie or sporting event and feel like you are ready to learn a new skill and take on the world? Maybe there were multiple skills that you want to master so you dive in and try to do everything at once. You learnt the basics, researched tips and tracks, bought all the fanciest equipment that the best of the best use… However, when it came to execution, you didn’t perform up to your own standards.

I have witnessed this many times and experienced it just as often.

So, what is the secret to mastering skills? Is it to try as many thing as possible simultaneously until one of them clicks? Or is it committing every waking hour to a few skills, correcting each mistake until you reach perfection?

Maybe, it is realising that instead of overextending and trying to achieve too much too soon, choose a few key skills to learn and learn them well. Thoroughly OWN each of them and MAKE them YOUR OWN. But also be patient and know that this will take time. I think that is the key to finding your form.

Case in point, I wanted to be good at presenting on video and took some lesson on public speaking. As much as I wanted to improve my presentation skills, it didn’t happen overnight. Having such great respect for my coach and her amazing style, I believed the best way was to emulate her. However, in time it dawned to me that I needed to own it and find my own style. Find my own form that reflects my personality, pepper it with a bit of humour and wrap it up within 60 – 90 secs. The key was time a practice.

How does it relate to brand and marketing?

There is only one unique you, as an individual, business owner or leader. Even twins are unique! So too is way of thinking, your style, as well as your approach to life and business. Own your own skills as they are part of what makes you unique!

How do you do this?

  • Your brand is made of different dimensions – it is too rich to cover everything at once
    • Tease out different dimensions for different audience
    • Use the appropriate channels for each audience
    • Customise the content with the tone of voice tailored for each channel
    • Start with some imperfect versions
    • Over time, it will lead to perfection.

So, like a race horse, practice and perfect until you find your form – then you can enjoy a winning streak!

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Photo credit – Gene Devine on Unsplash.

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