Unleash the Voice In your Brand

Whether you are just starting out in business or several years down the track, this is the marketing book that will make all the difference. No baffling industry jargon, just clear, clever and insightful guidance that keeps it simple.

A well-known branding expert with years of experience working for big corporations, small businesses and non-profits, May Chang distils this broad knowledge into effective strategies for you. You’ll learn the importance of getting to the root of what you want to be known for, how to create solid brand consistency, implement agile marketing activities and how to leave your legacy.

May’s book offers practical strategies and concise steps to help you win in the ever-evolving world of marketing. With real-life examples and straightforward suggestions, this book will truly help you Unleash the Voice in your Brand.

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Who it is for?

A new entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner or leader of an organisation / non-profit can benefit by taking responsibility of their business brand(s) and applying agile marketing campaigns to consistently building brand momentum.

Why Own A Copy?

Everyone has a brand so what better way to read and stretch your thinking and creativity. Mould your business branding (and personal branding) so that your brilliance do not go unnoticed!

Pick up tips and reasons for creating a clear brand consistency, one that shouts out your brand identity, delivers to your business values as part of your Brand Promise and over the course of time, you will build up your Brand Equity towards leaving an everlasting Brand Legacy for your business and for your loved ones.

It is a page turner, but you are likely to return to selective chapters or repeat the same chapter but test and trial a different execution.

Consider this book too as a gift idea for a family member, friend, or a favourite colleague! Everyone is brand mobile billboard. Stand out tall and unleash the ‘voice’ in your brand!


A$23.25 (includes GST), postage is FREE within Australia.
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About the Author

“I live to work as work is a passion; work is a way to serve,” May says.

Instead of a real estate agent saying it is all about Location! Location! Location! May is all about Branding! Branding! Branding!

A daughter, wife, mother, friend, great listener and support to others, May is also a volunteer, social conscience advocate, book-clubber, Meet-Up Leader, Christian, writer, and a video presenter. As a lover of all things beautiful and authentic, she believes there is much to be passionate about!

To May, Brand & Marketing is far more than just a logo or a business card; it is about the legacy you leave behind, finding your voice, your platform and leaving your imprint on the world and making an impact.

May found her voice, her purpose and her passion as a Brand & Marketing evangelist. “Whether we like it or not, we inherently have a brand the minute we are born. When you are of an age where you can direct, craft, nourish, and nurture it, you can have your personal brand flourishing and thriving,” says May.

“I found my voice, my place, my calling, and my purpose. I love educating everyone whom I get the privilege to engage with to take responsibility for your brand, both in business and in life. We are blessed to be able to build up our brand equity. Branding cannot exist by itself without Marketing and Sales.”

“We are all Branding, Marketing and Sales in one role. We just don’t realise or want to admit it. We are a walking, talking billboard!”