Interested to develop your first comprehensive DIY Brand & Marketing Plan?

7 Steps To Develop An Effective Brand & Marketing Plan

Looking for an online, self-paced course which provides a learner-centric approach and a proven planning structure to develop your 1st comprehensive Brand & Marketing Plan?

This DIY course is suited to start-ups, new business owners, entrepreneurs or leaders SMEs and Non-profits who want to apply the principles and use a framework to:

  • Develop their business brand identity
  • Identify their business vision and purpose
  • Work through the elements of ideal client types, primary go-to-market channels and more…

To develop their Brand & Marketing plan together with a 30 – 90 days marketing actions plan.

And you get to do it at a fraction of the cost of working directly with a consultant.

Testimonials For The Book

Simon Bowden
Business Coach, Simon Bowden Coaching, Melbourne
October 28, 2021

May's book offers clear strategies and concise steps to help people tackle the intimidating and ever-changing world of marketing!.”

Testimonials For The Course