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Is Busyness a Status Symbol?

Is Busyness A Status Symbol?

Too often you hear friends or loved ones talk about getting together, but it almost always takes months to nail down a date. Why does this happen you may ask? It is because everyone is so busy or wanting to appear busy. Now more than ever, time has become a commodity to use as a bargaining tool. 

Does (our lack of) time reflect how much we have going on and perhaps our level of importance? Have we become too presumptuous to believe we have complete freedom meet up with our friends wherever and whenever we want? In truth we don’t have that much control over our time called ‘Life’. 

Whilst the lockdowns have been lifted, the pandemic has taught us to treasure those that mean most to us. So, seize the opportunities to spend time with the VIPs in your life. If not, these precious times will escape and in a blink and you might miss those ‘shooting star’ moments!

How this relates to brand and marketing? 

When you fail to establish a healthy work life balance foregoing your friends and family, there will always be that niggling thought or regret that you should have set aside some time to see them. It can disturb your rhythm and energy which then transfers into your work. Even though you may be physically present at work, with a distracted mind and heart, you are unlikely to bring your ‘A game’, affecting your business planning, marketing execution, client relationships etc. which inadvertently affects your brand. 

So go on, set aside some time to tend to your personal relationships and strike that optimal work life balance – avoid being busy for the sake of being busy. Tend to those who are a priority in your personal sphere and then you can bring your ‘A game’ to your business and marketing activities. 

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