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DIY Brand & Marketing Plan: ‘Engaging & Satisfyingly Practical to Complete’

In any business, whether you are a start-up or a seasoned business, when you treat Brand & Marketing as an integral part of running your business, you will be able to build greater brand presence and nurture targeted client and partner relationships in your community.

All directed from an effective brand & marketing plan.

When you need to create YOUR own comprehensive Plan, look no further than the ‘7 Steps To Develop  An Effective Brand & Marketing Plan’. It is written with you as a business owner, entrepreneur or start up that takes you through step-by-step in a practical, conversational, and common-sense manner that gets you to design to your business situation. 

Follow a STRUCTURE AND A PROVEN PROCESS to turn up at the right time, right place, for the right client to become top-of-mind.

This course covers five sections spread over seven modules / steps:

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Standing
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Personality
  • Marketing Activities

You will discover / reinforce your business values that form your business foundation, identify your ideal clients and primary Go-To-Market channels to build quality contacts and it is at the trust stage that you earn the right to sell.

You will walk away with your own Brand & Marketing Plan together with a 30-90 days marketing action list to implement immediately.

You will also receive a Digital Badge with 8 CPD (Certified Personal Development) points from the Institute for Learning & Performance. Click below for course details and how to register:

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