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That Will Do!

In a world of doers, we are often focused on achieving our goals and quickly moving onto the next as if it were a race. Do we take the time to catch our breath and acknowledge our accomplishments?

I am a passionate advocate of the ‘To-Do’ list, but also recognise its victim – exhaustion. Constantly chasing my business, life and marketing goals – each day I found myself trying to accomplish as many tasks as possible. With each tick down the To-Do list, there is a moment of fleeting satisfaction, but with new tasks being added, it feels never-ending!

Recently, exhaustion and the sense that the world is spinning too quickly has caught up. Fortuitously, I watched the 1995 movie ‘Babe’.  After rapturous cheers when Babe won the sheep-herding competition, the farmer’s rewarding words of ‘That’ll do, pig” were the most satisfying to me.

So, it would be great when after a frantic day of achieving mini goals and bigger goals – be it submitting a grant, developing your network, or balancing the family dynamic – to say to ourselves, ‘That will do!’

Our energy, concentration, and creative thinking are great resources, but they are finite. So, it makes sense to give our mind, body, and spirit time to recharge and let them celebrate with the words ‘THAT WILL INDEED DO!’ 

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