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Superheroes & Sidekicks

The saying ‘Behind a successful man is a strong woman / partner’ rings true with the likes of superheroes like Batman, Superman, Green Hornet and so on.

So true that the narrative is not complete without their sidekicks. Here is my lemon twist:-

Always The SIDEKICK?


Kato’s gentleness does not mean weak

Giving in does not mean surrender

Listening does not mean he has nothing to contribute

nor being quiet means he has no comeback to Green Hornet.

It Means Robin

Returns to serve in a different way

Takes pride in developing more robust solutions

Doesn’t sweat any small stuff for Batman and

Lives to fight another day.

Meanwhile, Supergirl chooses to play the second fiddle

Surrenders the battle to win the war

Has greater tolerance, patience, and empathy

Recognises the need for her Superman to have his day in the sun.

Because You know that in your everyday

Even though you are perceived to be the sidekick, you are a TRUE super-hero!

It is a matter of perspective!

How does that relate to brand and marketing?

When we have done  an amazing job as a Sidekick, our clients become the Superheroes in their communities.

What greater testimonial!

Which one would you rather be?

Photo by Craig McLachlan on Unsplash

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