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A brand like Rome was not built in a day

When starting out your business, it is essential to be involved in the branding and marketing of your company. Your Brand is about the constant discovery of self in life as in business, so there is a perpetual flow like an unfinished tapestry that acquires richer colors with time.

So as a business owner or leader, it is crucial to consistently communicate new layers of your brand discovery to your team, business partners, clients, and communities so your business and industry sector evolve together. That keeps your brand marketing fresh. And creating a rich and strong brand identity for your business positions you to stand out from your competition.

As you are in the process of defining your brand, it is good to follow a structure and a process to capture your research, discoveries, and insights into a single document to form your brand and marketing plan.  

Work with your team or if you are working by yourself, partner with a specialist to nut down the basics correctly. It’s only your brand identity, your brand reputation, and in the longer term your brand legacy. So, like Rome was not built in a single day or by a single person. You are not alone to do this.

If you prefer to consider a DIY Plan, consider my training course ‘7 Steps To Develop  An Effective Brand & Marketing Plan’. It is written with you in mind to take you through step-by-step in a practical, conversational, and common-sense manner that gets you to design to your business situation. 


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