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Marriage Made In Heaven

Obvious pairings: Hug & kiss, boy & girl, husband & wife, sand & waves, moon & stars. Unlikely pairings working beautifully: Sweet & savoury, chilli flavoured hot chocolate fried ice-cream (more popular if you are Aussie) to moon & tides. The one that I favour: Commitment & Consistency.

If there is Commitment, things are off to a start.  You put your head down and go for it. Like in a gym membership, after considerable deliberation, you sign on the dotted line, there is huge sense of accomplishment and may I say, a sense of relief that you did it!! In our mind,  we are now fit and healthy. Your commitment has taken you to accomplish alas but the first phase!

Now pair it with Consistency. We finally get on board and now it how to max the ROI on the membership fees. In fact, some of us get on to such a flying start, doing more training sessions than we have days. Then for a variety of reasons from life getting in the way, lost interest, too tired, the gym routine wanes away faster than the 12-month expiry date or monthly contract.

Maybe better to start with fewer sessions but establish a consistent routine. Then add sessions or increase session duration. By nature, we humans build greater confident by ramping up.  

How does it relate to Brand and marketing?  Even in planning your social media strategy, instead of thinking that you need to develop a 12-month content plan, post daily and so on, start with one post for a week, every week, same time, same day. Then ramp up. You find you are holding you/your team accountable and assuming you are delivering value, you start creating viewers’ anticipation. You found your tribe and they know where to find you. So will your ideal clients! Good for your brand, good for your business.

 So, let the wedding ceremony begin!

Written by May Chang

Part of ‘A Quirky Brand & Marketing Perspective’

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