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A Case Of Mistaken Identity

Ever being mistaken? If it is a famous person, you probably feel chuff. What about a mistaken obituary? It happened to one such, Albert Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize. A less known fact about him, he held hundreds of patents for explosives and, the inventor of the dynamite.

News of his death announced in a French newspaper carried a scathing obituary, accusing him of creating his wealth through his inventions that kill, under the headline ‘The Merchant of Death’.  However, it was a case of mistaken identity. It was his brother who died. Fortunately, it acted as a wake-up call for Mr. Nobel, he tidied up his act to become known as the man behind the peace prize of our time.

Wonder how this relates to your brand & marketing? If you have not been living up to your Brand Promise, it might be a defying moment to take stock of current processes, communications, customer service and apply key marketing activities to communicate and engage that reflects your business values. Why? It is ONLY your Brand Reputation and business legacy!

Written by May Chang

Part of ‘A Quirky Brand & Marketing Perspective’

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